Welcome to my new blog and site

After a long time thinking about it, I finally commited myself to putting out a personal website.

And yes, this is actually its second version. The first one was basically a one-pager without a blog, just to have something out there.

My main motivation to publish this personal website is for it to serve as a personal portfolio. Right now I’m in the middle of a self-learning path: I want to become a front-end web developer first and then a full-stack one.

Therefore, I want the website to serve as a showcase for whatever I get to build, while the blog will serve as a repository of insights, lessons learned, skills gained, and so forth. Hopefully, it won’t be too dry, so I might add some personal musings and ramblings, here and there.

To begin, I’ll let you know I built this website using Jekyll as a static site generator and GitHub Pages for hosting. On later posts I’ll expand on how to use them both to create your own website.

Also, the theme you’re seeing here is the wonderful “Basically Basic” by Michael Rose, a designer that goes by the alias of Minimal Mistakes. He creates truly amazing designs and themes, which you can check on his GitHub repository.

By the way, being a native Spanish speaker and a technical translator on my spare time, I want to have this website in both Spanish and English, so I’ll be adding localized versions of all the pages and posts, eventually.

I feel there’s a lack of Spanish language resources for aspiring devs (at least compared to English ones), so I want to contribute to the community by making learning more accessible for budding coders from Spanish-speaking countries.

Now let’s push this thing out to production! :-)