Peter Higgs Tribute Page

Peter Higgs Tribute Page

This is the first of five Responsive Web Design Projects from freeCodeCamp’s curriculum. Check it out at Codepen.

It’s meant to be the easiest one, dealing only with basic HTML and CSS. The main purpose is to create a “tribute page”: choose someone you admire and write a short bio for that person, using basic HTML elements and plain CSS formating. No Javascript is required for any of these first web design projects.

To pass the tests, the project requires using HTML elements such as:

  • id
  • div
  • img
  • a
  • target="_blank"

Basically, completing this project ensures you understand the intended function of HTML div’s and id’s.

Also, as you can see, I chose Peter Higgs, the guy who gave the famous “Higgs boson”, aka “the God particle”, its name. He’s quite an interesting person and one of the brightest minds of our times. You can learn more about his life in Wikipedia.