David Martinez

A life-long learner & self-taught aspiring WebDev

David wants to know about everything. He loves tech, the web, and music. He currently works as a Senior Music Metadata Editorial Specialist for a world-class entertainment technology and data company. His current interest and learning focus is Frontend Web Development.


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Gurruchaga 487 6-13
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal 1414 AR


Gracenote (A Nielsen company)

Senior Editorial Research Specialist, LatAm Music

2017-05-15 — Present

In charge of creating, reviewing, and correcting music-related data elements according to established standards and practices, ensuring album and artist metadata are of highest quality.

  • Made significant contributions to the Global Music Database, providing up-to-date discography metadata for more than 200 important Latin American artists
  • Created and/or updated genre, language, origin, era, and type metadata for over 20,000 Latin American artists
  • Added important current and historically important genres to the Genre Database for increased stylistic coverage
  • Led the local chapter of the N-Gen BRG, a generational diversity and inclusion initiative


Freelance Content Creator & Copywriter

2017-03-01 — 2018-05-16

Content writing, topic research, copywriting, text reviewing and editing, content strategies and editorial calendars. Worked on the Content Test Project for Perengo.com.

  • Contributed to the launch of the Perengo blog, researching and writing on topics of programmatic advertising and recruitment technology

Uakami Studio

Associate Content Manager & Copywriter

2014-12-15 — 2017-01-15

Creating and managing content for website projects, including content creation, topic research, copywriting, copy editing, audience targeting, content strategies, editorial calendars, and more.

  • Devised content strategies for five important website projects, including real estate developers, retail technology suppliers, and IT consulting firms, among others
  • Created and transcreated bilingual copy for websites targeted to both Spanish and English-speaking audiences
  • Created the whole blog content strategy and a series of posts for a website specialized in landing pages


Freelance English-Spanish Translator

2014-02-01 — Present

English to Spanish translations for websites and printed content, having worked for companies and institutions such as Negotiations.com, Children's Health Market, Process Instruments, Gengo.com, Uakami and The European Journalism Centre (EJC)

  • Hold a current Gengo.com Quality Scorecard rating of 9.1/10
  • Completed over 14,500 translation jobs comprising about 324,000 units, to date

Eco FM 92.1

Radio Show Host & Music Curator

2013-10-01 — 2016-12-24

Host, producer and music curator for the alternative music radio show La Caja de Ritmos, broadcast from Mondays to Fridays. Also in charge of voice-over work and creative copywriting for ad spots.

  • Gained a cult following broadcasting alternative, low airplay music, exposing audiences to other genres away from mainstream radio


Sales & Applications Representative

2011-04-01 — 2014-01-31

Commercial proposals and tenders for Eastern Venezuelan oilfield operators and joint ventures. Post-sales support for artificial lift systems & production optimization operations in Eastern Venezuela.

  • Prepared successful sales proposals in excess of 1 million dollars
  • Got several tenders awarded representing hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales

Production Optimization Sales Support

2010-01-01 — 2011-04-01

Technical & financial proposals for bids, inventory control, Flow Measurement product line focal point.

  • Became the Flow Measurement product line focal point, introducing FM technologies to several oilfield operators
  • Installed the first set of near-infrared water-cut meters in Eastern Venezuela
  • Took part in the Red Eye Multiphase Metering System (REMMS) pilot test in Eastern Venezuela

Production Optimization Field Technician

2008-02-01 — 2009-12-31

Installation, setup, and troubleshooting of oilfield production optimization equipment such as downhole pressure/temperature gauges, dataloggers, and variable frequency drives.

  • Took part in the massive deployment and maintenance of pressure & temperature downhole gauges in several Orinoco Oil Belt oilfields

Technical Translator

2003-10-01 — 2008-01-31

English to Spanish translation of technical, commercial and legal documentation.

  • Translated technical documentation and user manuals for software and hardware products delivered to Latin American clients in Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela Ecuador, Bolivia, and Argentina


Universidad Nacional Abierta

Systems, Engineering


Software development tools

Visual Studio Code, GitHub, Eclipse IDE, NetBeans IDE, and JIRA

Audio editing

Adobe Audition, Audacity, and Sound Forge

Content marketing

WordPress, Yoast, Cornerstone, and Google Adwords Editor

Productivity software

Asana, Everhour, Workflowy, and Slack



Native speaker